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Where quality meets experience

We’re a transport case manufacturer specializing in flight cases. Every brand has its history. We make high quality products through the usage of extensive experience and 3D technology, utilizing only the best components. Professionalism, individual approach and commitment are the traits we value the most.

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Innovative ideas make unique solutions

Thanks to CNC machines used in the production process, our cases combine aesthetics, functionality, durability and safety. Each of these features add up to make our products stand out above the rest.  Every case is individually tailored to fully suit your needs.

3D Project

3D technology opens us up to new possibilities regarding design and allows us to deliver a perfect case made just for you, bearing all your functional and visual needs in mind.


We know what the client wants. As a result of longstanding experience and vast knowledge of the industry, we are able to put functionality, durability and safety together.

What makes our cases great?


CNC machine park establishes our production quality among the best, while adopting precision and attention to details.


Only the top quality materials and components, coming from world-renowned producers, are used in the manufacturing process of our transport cases.



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